About the Author

Colt Edin is a high school student from northern Minnesota who has a wide interest in the Great Lakes. He started only 3 years ago with Wolff's "Lake Superior Shipwrecks" and his collection and interest has increased many fold since then. He is active on this site through photography, news postings, write ups, and posts on the Information Search. He has active interests in lakes history and lore, current affairs on the Great Lakes, lighthouses of the United States, student government, school sports, and Knowledge Bowl.

He has started taking and collecting photographs of boats and lighthouses on the great lakes and is almost always engaged in a photo trade. If anybody out there is interested doing a photo trade, he'd be interested. If anybody wishes to contact him they caninstant message him on AIM as "oredocks" or email him at oredocks@yahoo.com

 Eagle Harbor lighthouse