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From: AL
Location: Duluth
Date: 7/20/2004
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All the Isle Royale lights are accessible, but some are easier to get to than others. First, you have to either take a ferry or airplane to Rock Harbor. From there, you can take short trips by the water taxi Sandy to the Passage Island Light and to the Rock Harbor Light. I haven't been there in many years, but I believe the Rock Harbor Light is now some sort of museum. The trip to Passage Island is only made a couple times a week, so you'd have to check the NPS website or the concessionaire's website for the exact days. You would certainly have to spend a least one or two nights on the island. That means you either bring a tent and gear to camp out or you stay in a very expensive lodge room or cabin. To see Rock of Ages Light, you best bet would be to take the ferry Wenonah from Grand Portage, Minn., to Washington Harbor on Isle Royale. The Wenonah makes a daily roundtrip to the island and usually passes close to the lighthouse. After a layover of about an hour, the boat heads back to Minnesota. Menagerie Island Light is not easily accessible unless you have your own boat. Short of that, your only option would be to go to Grand Portage, Minn., and take the Voyageur II, which makes a two-day trip around the island. The first day takes you to Washington harbor and then on to Rock Harbor. The next day it proceeds down the island's east side (past Menagerie Island Light) to Washington Harbor and then back to Grand Portage. Because Menagerie Island is near shoal water, I doubt you'd pass to close to the light. All that said, the Isle Royale lights are beautiful. I once saw an imagae of Rock of Ages partially reflected upside down in the sky above the light. Another time, I camped at Malone Bay, which is on the main island about mile or two from Menagerie Island. As the sun came up, the light reflected off the lamp room of Menagerie Island Light, appearing for a few minutes as those the light were lit.

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