Cleveland Pier Light

From: Morton Goldman
Location: Smithsonian Institution
Date: 9/9/2004
Time: 3:44:26 PM
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I am a volunteer researcher at the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of American History (and a retired sailor) who is engaged in preparing an exhibit for the SI's web site on a small collection of old postcards of lighthouses. One of these is labeled "Lighthouse and Life Saving Station at Entrance to Cuyahoga River", and is postmarked "1912"; I can send an image of the front face of the card to any interested party. In attempting to identify this lighthouse, I have noted a lack of correspondence between the card image, and the appearance of the Cleveland West and East Pierhead lights, which I believe are closest in location to the entrance to the Cuyahoga, as they appear in several websites and texts. I would greatly appreciate any information about the identity of this light and its location with respect to contemporary navigation aids. I can be contacted at the Smithsonian e-mail address. Thank you for whatever insights anyone may be able to provide. Morton I. Goldman Volunteer Researcher NMAH Smithsonian Institution

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