Gros Cap/Gargantua

From: BLB
Location: the Soo
Date: 9/12/2004
Time: 7:46:36 PM
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There is a tombstone in a cemetary south of Wawa Ontario (north of Sault Ste. Marie) that says "erected to the memory of William T. Richardson, lighthouse keeper at Gros Cap for many years. Died at Gargantua Feb. 6, 1915, aged 63 years. Also daughter Laura." I know there was a Gros Cap lightship, and the current off shore Gros Cap lighthouse was built in the 1950's. But 'Gros Cap' is a common geographic place name ('big cape'). Also found there was a Gargantua Light near Wawa, est. 1889, but haven't found much more info. Anyone have info on Mr. Richardson (and daughter Laura), Gros Cap lighthouse that would have existed during his lifetime, or the Gargantua lighthouse, or ideas where to look? Thank You!

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