Light House Giveaway

From: Build History
Location: History Channel
Date: 3/1/2005
Time: 5:00:28 PM
Remote Name:


The History Channel is launching a Historical Building series and our professional builder will create, on your property a historically accurate and beautiful lighthouse! The Catch is it must be a SURPRISE for the recipient! And you or the recipient must own the land that it will be built on. You are a great candidate if you've got ocean, Lake or River front property, (preferably in the Great Lakes area). All phases of building will be filmed, so plan on a film crew and builders being on the property for a few days. This is not a gift for just anyone! The recipient should be someone who truly loves and appreciates the beauty and history of lighthouses. If you know such a person please email us and tell us a little about yourself, the giftee and the proposed property. And remember please keep this a secret from the giftee if you really want to participate. Please email us at: and please include "Lighthouse" in the subject title

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