Re: I 75 rest area lite

From: Mich Bob
Location: Mid-Michigan
Email: remedfitz@yahoo
Date: 6/3/2005
Time: 4:08:07 PM
Remote Name:


I work for the Depertment of State that Houses "Travel Michigan", and was distantly involved in the planning of the new Welcome Center, more so the destruction of the old building. Origonally this "light house" was going to be demolished because it would be "in the way" of the crew building the new building. I was offended at the idea of this structure going to waste. In more than one meeting, I make my opinion clear that in this day and age of budget woes in the state of Michigan, tearing the light down was a blatant waste of tax-payers money (the lights cost several hundred thousand dollars each to build). I don't know if it was me that saved the light, but someone finally got it thru their head that there may be an interested party somewhere in the state in taking "ownership" of the light, and I was relieved to hear that "we" had found an "adoptive parent" for the tower. (By the way, the state payed no money in having the tower taken down and transported to it's new location).

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