Cedar Point Light
By Al Hart & Dave Wobser

The first Cedar Point light was established in 1838 across the mouth of Sandusky Bay from the Marblehead Light. The light marked the eastern approach to the bay. The dwelling was a small rectangular stone dwelling, stuccoed, with saw-tooth style gables.

The 1838 light was replaced in 1862 by a station that was similar to the present building located on the site. A six-room keeper's dwelling with the lantern mounted on top served from 1862 to 1909. The lantern room and tower from the 1838 station was used in the 1862 structure.

The original (1839) light and original (1862) light served as rear range lights from 1853 to 1904, when the light was deactivated. A front range light was located some 265 feet north of the station. The front range light was  destroyed by fire in 1910.

The light as removed from the structure when the Sandusky Harbor  Pierhead Light was established in 1904. The building was used by the Lighthouse Service and Coast Guard until 1975. It was acquired around 1990 by Cedar Point Amusement Park.

This present light is a replica constructed by the Cedar Point Amusement Park in 2000-2001. It closely resembles the 1862 lighthouse.

The historical photographs and text are displayed courtesy of the Great Lakes Historical Society, Vermilion, Ohio. They were taken from the Society's 2003 Calendar and were edited by Al Hart. Image may not be reproduced with the expressed permission of GLHS.

1838 Lighthouse

1862 Lighthouse

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Present Replica Structure

Other views - Dave Wobser

Location: At the west end of Cedar Point near Sandusky, Ohio.
Date Built: 1838, 1862, 1990
Active: No

Open to

Yes, Requires access to Cedar Point Amusement Park.


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