Fairport Main (Old) Light
By Al Hart

An active Great Lakes port for many years, Fairport Harbor was the site of an 1825 light known as The Grand River Light. A keepers house was built adjacent to the tower, both on a hill overlooking the River and Lake Erie.

In the 1840's, the lighthouse was used as a 'station" on the underground Railroad. By the end of the Civil War too much settling had damaged the old tower, and a new lighthouse was built in 1871. It still stands today.

The 1871 light was replaced as an active aid to navigation by the Fairport West Breakwater Light which was constructed in 1925.

The historical photographs and text are displayed courtesy of the Great Lakes Historical Society, Vermilion, Ohio. They were taken from the Society's 2003 Calendar and were edited by Al Hart. Image may not be reproduced with the expressed permission of GLHS.

Grand River 1825 Light Station

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1871 Lighthouse
Photograph by Tom deLombarde


Location: Fairport, Ohio
Date Built: Year
Active: No

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Yes. Also a museum.  


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