Horseshoe Reef (Ruins)
By Jason Keklak

Completed in 1856, this light marking a reef near the head of the Niagara River was actually in Canada. IN 1903, the border moved and placed the light in U.S. waters.

The light had a focal plane of 50 feet above the water, flashed red every 5 seconds, and was visible approximately 10 miles into Lake Erie.

The light became redundant in 1920 when the Buffalo Water Intake Crib was located nearby and was marked with a light. The Reef light was abandoned and left to decay.

The structure is not totally abandoned as it has become home to a colony of cormorants for the last 20 years.

What remains of the Horseshoe Reef Light is visible, just off-shore, from the Erie Marine Basin, across the Buffalo River from the USCG station. This is also a good place to view the Buffalo Main Light and one of the Buffalo Bottle Lights.

The ruins can also be viewed from Fort Erie on the Canadian side.

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Photograph by Jason Keklak

2011 view - Dave Wobser

Location: Off Buffalo, near the head of the Niagara River
Date Built: 1856
Active: No

Open to

No. Off-shore.


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