Leamington Light
By Karl Kuttruff

Built in 1880 by Peter Williams. The Canadian government appropriated $1000, but Williams built it for $794.

The lighthouse was built to mark the harbor at Leamington and was located near a pier. The lamp had a fixed white light with a focal plane of 48 feet and was visible for 12 miles.

The light was 30 feet square and was surrounded by property owned by Mr. Forest H.C. Conover. The streets ‘Forest’ and ‘Conover’ are named in his honor.

In 1923 the lighthouse was decommissioned and replaced by a light at the outer end of the government wharf. The light and parcel of land being of no further use to the government were sold to Mr. Elmer Wallace Luxford of Walkerville, Ontario in 1928.

Known Light keepers: Joshua LaMarsh 1880? to 1883. Forest H. C. Conover 1883 to 1923.

Sources of information:
Beers History of The Great Lakes 1899
Canadian Department of Transportation records
Parks Canada, Robt. Passfield historian
Public Archives of Canada records
Interviews with Forest Conover descendants
Marine Historical Society of Detroit archives at Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio

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Photograph by Jim Davis

Leamington - 1900
From the marine collection of Karl Kuttruff 1969

Location: Leamington, Ontario.
Date Built: 1880's
Active: No

Open to

No. Private land.

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