Point Abino
By Dave Wobser

A one-story ‘sculpted concrete’ service building with attached 4-story brick and concrete tower, built in 1918, to mark a point of land that juts into Lake Erie. The original Fresnel Lens still rotates inside 10-sided lantern room.

The whole structure sits on a raised concrete island and concrete stairs descend to a narrow walkway to the shore.

The light is surrounded by private land and can best be seen by private boat or from Crystal Beach Park across the bay.

The lighthouse is owned by the City of Fort Erie, and tours are periodically available through the City offices.

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Point Abino with Buffalo Skyline
Photograph by Brian Wroblewski

Another view by Jeff Shrubb

2011 view wrapped in restoration
Dave Wobser

Location: At the end of Point Abino at the east end of Lake Erie.
Date Built: 1918
Active: Yes

Open to

No. Surrounded by private development.


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