Sandusky Harbor Pierhead Light
By Dave Wobser

This light no longer exists.

It had replaced the Cedar Point Light which was located on the end of Cedar Point.

It was a 20 foot tall skeletal tower supporting a small, square metal room that displayed a light through a window facing Lake Erie. The light was established in 1904.

The structure stood at the end of a long rip-rap pier/breakwater  extending from Cedar Point into Lake Erie, and has been removed in recent years. The breakwater extends into Lake Erie from Cedar Point and marks the entrance to Sandusky Bay.

The site is now marked by a modern beacon on a pole.

Sandusky Bay Range Lights
By Al Hart

The historical GLHS photo shows the Sandusky Bay Front Range Light, with the rear range light visible in the background. The range were built in 1896 to guide vessels into the channel in Sandusky Bay. The keeper lived inthe front light and serviced the read light by small boat. The front light burned in1926 and was replaced by a skeleton tower which in trun was replaced a few years ago by a cylindricla ("sewer pipe") tower.

The historical photograph and text are displayed courtesy of the Great Lakes Historical Society, Vermilion, Ohio. They were taken from the Society's 2003 Calendar and were edited by Al Hart. Image may not be reproduced with the expressed permission of GLHS.

Sandusky Bay 1896 Ranges

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Sandusky Harbor Light 
1991Photograph by Dave Wobser

Location: Gone. Replaced by a light on a pole.
Date Built: 1904
Active: No


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