Baileys Harbor Range Lights
By Dave Wobser

Located just outside Baileys Harbor, Wisconsin, on Ridges drive, to guide ships into the harbor at Baileys Harbor.

Built in 1870 at a cost of $6,000, the range lights are identical to the Presque Isle Range Lights on Lake Huron which were built the same year. These range lights replaced the Baileys Harbor light in the outer harbor.

The front light is an octagonal wooden tower 21-feet high and had a range of 11 miles. The tower held a Fifth Order Fresnel lens which was removed after the lights were deactivated in the 1960's.

The rear light was held in a square wooden tower atop the keeper's dwelling located 950 feet behind the front light. The rear light was 35-feet high and had a range of 13 miles. The rear light also held a Fifth Order Fresnel lens. The structure appears to be similar to an old schoolhouse.

Other structures on the grounds have included a brick oil house (circa 1900), storage building, and clapboard privy (circa 1920).

No longer used for navigation, the lights are popular with visitors. The structures are part of the Ridge Wildlife Sanctuary and not open to the public, but are visible and photos may be taken from Ridges Road. Door County Wisconsin boasts of having more lighthouses that any other county.

The Door County Maritime Museum hosts an annual Lighthouse Walk each year in May that offers a chance to see and tour lighthouse that are normally closed to the public.

Go east on Ridges Road off Highway 57 north of the town of Baileys Harbor.

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Rear Range Light by Dave Wobser

Location: Baileys Harbor, Wisconsin
Date Built: 1870
Active: No

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