Kewaunee Pier Head Light
By Dave Wobser

Located on Lake Michigan on the end of the south pier head at Kewaunee, Wisconsin, marking the entrance to the Kewaunee River.

The two-story steel framed fog signal building was built in 1909, and contained only fog equipment. There were a pair of range lights, built in1891, on the pier at the time.

In 1931, the old front light was removed and the new square tower was built atop the east end of the fog signal building. The 18' x 54' station is steel framed and covered with 1/4" steel on the lower half, and the upper half is wood framed with a shingle exterior.

The steel tower is 10-foot square and produces a focal plane 45-feet above the lake. The Fifth Order lens was made by Barbier and Fenestre of Paris, and may have been taken from the 1891 light, and is contained in an octagonal lantern.

This light is similar to the “Big Red” Holland, Michigan light, except it is painted white.

The light is an active aid to navigation and is a current Coast Guard property. Not open to the public. Pictures can be taken from the beach at the end of Ellis Street.

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Photograph by Dave Wobser

Location: Kewaunee, Wisconsin
Date Built: 1931
Active: Yes

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