Michigan City East Pier Light
By Dave Wobser

A square, white, steel-framed fog signal building, lined with brick, and wrapped in steel. The steel area is 24-feet square and 15-feet high. A 10'-6" diameter steel white tower on top supports a round cast iron lantern room with helical barred windows.

Built in 1904 for $5,500 in following the extension of the east pier, the light has a focal plane of 55 feet above Lake Michigan.

The building originally housed the steam boilers for the fog signal. The catwalk provided a means for the keeper to get from the 1858 dwelling on shore to the light in stormy weather.

The lantern, lens and lamps were moved from the 1858 Michigan City Light to here in 1904. The light was electrified in 1933, and automated in 1960 The original Fifth Order Fresnel Lens, manufactured by Sautter and Co. of Paris, is in museum.

Located in Washington Park on Lake Michigan in Michigan City, Indiana, in front of the Michigan City Light which is a museum owned by the Michigan City Historical Society.

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Photograph by Dave Wobser

December 2010 Sunset
by Steve Zasadny

Location: Michigan City, Indiana
Date Built: 1904
Active: Yes

Open to

Yes, grounds

Located at Washington Park/Heisman Harbor Road

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