Racine Breakwater Light

This light formerly marked the entrance to the harbor at Racine, Wisconsin. It has been replaced by a skeletal tower light. The light had been moved several times as the breakwater was extended and the harbor was developed. The light was originally connected to shore, near the keepers dwelling, by a raised catwalk. After its service was discontinued in 1987, the 53-foot iron tower was moved one last time and floodlit as a symbol of the City of Racine.

The keepers dwelling was part of the Racine Harbor Light. When the lantern was removed from the dwelling in 1901, the tower was capped with a gable roof.

A United States Life Saving Service (USLSS) station was built behind the keepers dwelling in 1883. Both buildings once served as USCG Station Racine, but are now privately owned.

USLSS (right), Harbor Light & Keepers Dwelling (right)
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Both structures can be viewed from the end of 2nd Street, east of Lake Street.

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North Breakwater Light
Photograph by Dave Wobser

Location: Racine, Wisconsin south breakwater
Date Built: 1901
Active: No

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