Rawley Point (Two Rivers Point) Lighthouse
By Dave Wobser

Located on Lake Michigan, at Rawley Point (formerly Twin River Point) north of the town of Two Rivers, Wisconsin in Point Beach State Forest. The light marks a shoal that extends up to a mile into Lake Michigan.

The 111-foot iron, octagonal skeleton tower was built in 1894 to replace a 1873 brick tower, and is a major coastal light. The remains of the original brick tower are attached to one end of the dwelling and covered by a round peaked roof.

The round cast iron watch room and 10-sided lantern is reached by a set of circular stairs inside a 6-foot diameter stair cylinder. The top watch room and lantern were transplanted from the mouth of the Chicago River in 1894. The tower was part of the French exhibit at the 1893 Columbian Exposition. The original Third Order Fresnel lens has been replaced by a 36" airport-style beacon with a range of 25 miles.

The original 2-1/2 story keeper's dwelling, measuring 39-feet x 65-feet, was built in 1874 and is a vacation residence for U.S. Coast Guard personnel. The wooden fog signal building remains near the beach housing a Diaphone fog signal.

The light station is not open to the public, but can viewed by entering the State Forest and Park and walking the beach.

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Photograph by Ron Texter

Location: Two Rivers, Wisconsin
Date Built: 1894
Active: Yes

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