Waukegan Harbor Light (Little Fort)
By Dave Wobser

Located on Lake Michigan, at the end of a long pier, to mark the harbor entrance at Waukegan, Illinois.

The third light to serve this port, this light was built in 1889, to replace a light built in 1849, when the town was known as Little Fort.

The conical steel white tower, 21' in diameter, originally stood 36' tall and displayed a Fourth Order Fresnel lens from a lantern room on top. A two-story fog signal building was added in 1905, and gave the structure an appearance similar to lights at Holland and Kewaunee.

The fog signal building was removed after being destroyed by fire in 1967, along with the lantern and lens.

A plastic lens is now in service on the shortened tower, that resembles a drum.

Located at the end of Government Pier, near the end of Madison Street in Waukegan, Illinois. The light is an active aid to navigation, but visitors can walk out on the pier.

The top half of the light has been painted green in recent years.

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1899-1905 Appearance - Rex Butler

Current Photograph - Dave Wobser

Location: Waukegan, Illinois
Date Built: 1889
Active: Yes

Open to

Yes, pier only
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