Baileys Harbor Light
By Dave Wobser

Located on the northeast side of Baileys Harbor, on a small island, off Lake Michigan, across the harbor from the town of Baileys Harbor, Wisconsin.

Built in 1853, the light served as a coastal light for Lake Michigan, but mariners were not happy with its location. The light was discontinued in 1870 when the Cana Island Light and Baileys Harbor Range Lights became operational.

The light is located on a private island. The delicate birdcage lantern is a rare specimen, although it no longer has any glass. The lantern held a Argand Reflector that has long since been removed. The tower is built of rubble stone. The keepers dwelling remains hidden in the trees.

Continue east on Ridges Road, past the Baileys Harbor Range Lights, to the end of the road. The light is partially obscured by trees, but the lantern can be seen.

This lighthouse is not listed in all of the published guide books, and is not part of the Door County Maritime Museum Annual Lighthouse Walk.

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Photograph by Dave Wobser

Location: North Point Island, Wisconsin
Date Built: 1853
Active: No

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