Frankfort North Breakwater Light
By Dave Wobser

A two-story high, square, white steel tower located at the end of the north breakwater marking the entrance to Lake Betsie from Lake Michigan.

Built in 1932, the 67-foot high tower is actually two sections. A square 2-story base topped by a pyramidal-shaped section, with a round walkway and lantern room.

The light shines through a Fifth-Order Fresnel lens manufactured by Barbier, Benard & Turenne of Paris. An elevated catwalk once connect the tower to the shore, but has long been removed.

Located at the west end of Main Street, in Frankfort, Michigan, in a beach area. The tower is not open to the public as this is an active aid to navigation. Walking on the breakwater is risky due to Lake Michigan's waves sweeping over it.

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Photograph by Dave Wobser

2009 photo by Tim Rimatzki

Location: Frankfort, Michigan
Date Built: 1932
Active: Yes

Open to

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