Kevich Light
By Dave Bennett

Kevich Light, located on the shores of Lake Michigan in the Town of Grafton, WI, marks the site of the 19th Century Port Ulao. Port Ulao was once a thriving port where lake steamers stopped to load wood for fuel. A wooden pier extended 1,000 feet into Lake Michigan.

Kevich Light was built in 1981 and certified as a U.S. Coast Guard Class II Private Aid to Navigation in 1990. The tower stands 40 feet tall on a bluff 120 feet above Lake Michigan. It is the second highest light on the lake. The light source consists of 1000-watt and 400-watt metal halide bulbs. A shield rotates around the lights once every 8 seconds providing 4 seconds of light and 4 seconds of darkness. The lights are controlled automatically by photoelectric cells.

Kevich Light is privately owned and operated by a family that lives in the attached residence. It is believed to be one of only a few privately owned, operating residence lighthouses in the U.S.

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Photograph by Dave Bennett

Location: Grafton, Wisconsin
Date Built: 1981
Active: Yes

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