False Duck Island

False Duck Island is located near the entrance to the St. Lawrence River and the city of Kingston, Ontario, in an area of heavy marine traffic. The light on False Duck Island was built in 1829 and is one of Canadaís earliest. The 73-foot tower and keepers dwelling were built of limestone.

The station was struck by lightning which destroyed everything except the fog signal building and the lantern in the tower in 1905. The tower was repaired and the light was kept in service. The fog signal building, which had been built the year before, was converted to house the keepers. The remains of the original stone dwelling were torn down and a new frame structure was built to house the keepers.

In 1965, an automated light was installed atop a modern 60-foot reinforce concrete tower, resembling an airport control tower.  The new tower has distinctive red and white horizontal bands. The remains of the old tower were destroyed, but the lantern was saved.

A 30-foot tower was erected in 1967, in Marinerís Park on the mainland, as a memorial to all the sailors of Prince Edward County that lost their lives. The lantern and light from the original tower was donated to the Prince Edward Historical Society and installed on the new tower. The park houses a museum, numerous nautical artifacts on the grounds, and a picnic area.

The museum itself is open 9AM-5PM weekends from Victoria Day to Thanksgiving, and daily (except Fridays) July and August. The grounds of the park are open year-round.

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New tower in 1971

Photograph by Laverna McConnell Tuttle whose father was the last keeper on False Duck Island. Her grandfather was also a keeper at False Duck.

Location: The park is located at the intersection of County Road 10 and Provincial Highway 13, south of Picton, Ontario, near Port Milford
Date Built: 1829, 1965
Active: Yes

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Grounds open, tower closed

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