Oakville Light

The town of Oakville is located on the northwest shore of  Lake Ontario, at the mouth of Sixteen Mile Creek, about half way between Port Credit and the Burlington Canal entrance to Burlington Bay and Hamilton.

The present light is a 20-foot "sewer pipe" with a modern plastic optic on top located on the end of the east pier. The tower is painted white with a bright red base and top.

The first light at this location was an octagonal erected in 1837. The light marked the entrance to the harbor, and warned of a shoal extending out near Port Credit, for steamers that traveled between Toronto and Hamilton. The light improved over the years, but was swept into the channel by a severe storm in 1886.

The second light, erected in 1889, is a tapered, octagonal wooden structure typical of Canadian harbor markers. The structure was painted white with a red lantern, and lighted through glass panel in the hexagonal lantern. This light served until the early 1960' when is was removed and replaced by the present light.

The 1889 light tower was moved to the Oakville Yacht Squadron grounds and preserved. A plaque on the tower reads "The old lighthouse. Built 1875. Removed from the East Pier and preserved in this location 1960, through the interest of the citizens of the town of Oakville".

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Present 1960's light

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Restored 1889 light tower
Photographs by John Wood

Location: In a private marina, Oakville, Ontario.
Date Built: 1889
Active: No

Open to

Ask permission at marina.

Marina is located south of Lakeshore Drive (Hwy 2) and east of Forsythe Street.

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