Queen's Wharf Light
John A. Wood

This little lighthouse was moved from the end of a wharf, in Toronto Harbor, to present location in 1929 when part of the harbor was filled in. Built in 1861, the light marked the only navigable entrance to Toronto Harbor at that time. It supported a fog bell and a red lantern which served as a front range light when aligned with a with a white rear light.

The light became redundant with the opening of the new Western Channel in 1991. The intersection of Fleet & Bathhurst Streets is approximately the location  of the wharf end before the filling.

The lighthouse is now located at the intersection of Fleet Street and Lakeshore Boulevard, almost a half-mile from the water.

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Photographs by John A. Wood

Location: Intersection of Fleet Street and Lakeshore Blvd. in Toronto.
Date Built: 1855
Active: No

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