Crossover Island Light

This small island in the St. Lawrence River is named for the point where the shipping channel makes two abrupt turns and crosses the US-Canada border.

The original (1848) light was shown from a tower attached to a dwelling. Rebuilt in 1882, the existing light has a short tower separate from the 1-1/2 storey dwelling.

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Photographs by Keith Giles

Photo by John McCreery

View from the Canadian side
by Murray Blancher

2009 photos by Dave Wobser

Location: On a small private island in the St. Lawrence River, 4 miles northeast of Chippewa Bay.
Date Built: Original - 1848
Re-built - 1882
Active: No

Open to

No. Private

Can be seen from the scenic overlook on Route 12 east of Chippewa Bay.

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