Prescott Harbor Lights
By Dave Wobser

Prescott harbor is served by two lights. The outer light is known as the Prescott Breakwater Light or Prescott Harbor Outer Light. It is a 20-foot tall octagonal wooden tower, with a green roof, located on the end of a rocky pier that defines the Prescott Harbor on the St. Lawrence River.

The Prescott Harbor Inner Light is also known as the Prescott Visitors' Center and as the Prescott Rotary Light. The third name may indicate that the local Rotary Club played a part in erecting this replica light. The 40-foot, white wooden structure is a private seasonal aid to navigation, and also serves as a visitor center, gift shop and ice cream shop. The red-roofed lantern was formerly located atop the Dominion Lighthouse Depot which has been located in Prescott since 1903. The DLD was located in the former Imperial Starch Company building which was demolished in 1986. The Canadian Coast Guard moved into a modern facility in 1985.

The lantern contains a Fifth Order Fresnel Lens that was donated for the Canadian Coast Guard. When the lantern was located atop the DLD it was used for training CCG lighthouse keepers. Visitors can walk to the top of the tower for a great view of Ogdensburg, NY across the river.

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Photographs by Keith Giles

Outer Light by Jim Winsor

2009 photos by Dave Wobser


Location: Prescott, Ontario marina
Date Built:  
Active: Yes

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