Ile Parisienne Light
By Dave Wobser

Ile Parisienne is located on the Canadian side of Whitefish Bay, between Gros Cap Light and Lake Superior. It is the down bound check-in point for commercial vessels transiting the St. Marys River under the control of Soo Traffic.

The light station was built in 1912 on the south end of the six mile long wooded island. The station has two white dwellings and a boathouse with red roofs and is dominated by the 48-foot white concrete tower with a red lantern room. The hexagonal tower is supported by exterior buttresses. The 10-sided lantern is topped by a distinctive beaver weathervane. The only other similar weathervane is located on Belle Isle (North) Light in Newfoundland.

The light is presently shown from a modern optic that flashes every ten seconds and is solar-powered.

The station can only be viewed by private boat or from a passing freighter.

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2010 Photographs by Dave Wobser

Location: Whitefish Bay.
Date Built: 1912
Active: Yes

Open to


Viewing from boat only.

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