Wilson Channel Range Lights
By Dave Wobser

Another set of typical wooden Canadian range markers that are painted white with a red vertical stripe.

Built in 1905, this set of markers guides down bound vessels in the St. Joseph Channel of St. Marys River. The St. Joseph Channel runs between St. Joseph Island and the Canadian mainland. The channel was once used by commercial traffic, but is only used by pleasure craft traveling the North Channel from Georgian Bay.

The lights sit on granite bluff high above the water. They mark the deep water channel in this rocky area. Both are small, wooden, pyramidal structures that are painted white with a vertical red stripe. Both of the structures display a solid red light.

It is possible to view these light from the bridge on Highway 548 that connects St. Joseph Island with the Canadian mainland.

Looking up river, with binoculars, from the bridge it is possible to see Shoal Island Lighthouse.


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Photograph by Dave Wobser

Location: St. Marys River
Date Built: 1905
Active: Yes

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