Duluth North Pier Light
By Dave Wobser

The Duluth North Breakwater Light is the third light to guide vessels into the Duluth Harbor. It was the last of the three to built and was completed in 1910. The Lighthouse Board requested this third Duluth light due to the narrow 300-foot width of the Duluth Ship Canal and the stormy weather that makes entry into the canal difficult. At the time, only the south breakwater was lit.

The white, riveted steel tower is supported by a steel frame and sits on a concrete base at the end of the North Breakwater. The tower is 10-feet 6-inches in diameter at the base and tapers to 8-feet at the top. A black cast iron lantern room contains a Fifth Order Fresnel lens made by Henri Le Paute of Paris in 1882.

The tower is located at the end of the North Breakwater next to Canal Park. Visitors can walk up to the tower, but access is not permitted to this active aid to navigation.

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Photograph by Dave Wobser

2011 view by Nick Stenstrup

Location: Duluth, Minnesota
Date Built: 1910
Active: Yes

Open to

Yes, grounds only.
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