Grand Island Harbor Rear Range Light
By Colt Edin

The light is a 62-foot steel conical tower painted black on the bottom and white on the top, with a black lantern room. The existing light was built in 1914 replacing the original 1868 station.

The previous towers consisted of a wood frame rear range light in a lantern on keepers and small wood frame tower for front range light. The structors were partly demolished and parts moved to private land for use as dwelling.

The light was deactivated in 1969 and the front range light was torn down to make room for the Bay Furnace Directional Light. In 1977 the light was transferred to the U.S. Forest Service who maintains it today.

There are small windows along the bottom of the tower where you can peer into the interior of this lighthouse. The stairs to the lantern room are quite unusual. They are not attached by a support in the center but are attached only to the outer wall.

Across from the light is a small road that leads to Lake Superior. There you will find a breathtaking view of the big lake and the remains of the foundation of the former front range light.

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Alan Culley Photo

Location: Christmas, Michigan
Station first established: 1868
Date Built:
Active: No

Open to

Yes, grounds only.

Michigan highway 28 near Christmas, Michigan.

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