Point Iroquois Light
By Dave Wobser and Colt Edin

On Whitefish Bay near Brimley, Michigan, north of Sault Saint Marie. The Point Iroquois Light mark the entrance to the St. Marys River from Whitefish Bay.

The original light at this location was a wooden house with an attached tower that was erected in 1855 for $5,000.

The present brick tower and two-story residence were built for $18,000 in 1871. The conical tower is 16-feet in diameter at the base, stands 51-feet to the lantern deck and 65-feet overall. The lantern room originally held a Fourth Order Fresnel lens, but is now empty and open to visitors.

The lens was removed in 1963 and sent to the Smithsonian Institution for display. A Fourth Order lens from the St. Martin's Reef Light is on display in the keepers dwelling.

In 1902, a second two-story rectangular building was added to the 1871 building to provide space for another assistant keeper. At one time, the station was manned by a Head Keeper and two Assistant Keepers. The children of the keepers and local fisherman were enough to populate a local school on the grounds for a period.

Other buildings on the site have included: an assistant keepers quarters built in 1870, removed/original fog signal building, three barns, a chicken house, well and well house, boathouse and oil house.

Decommissioned and replaced by buoys in 1962, the station was transferred from the Coast Guard to the US Forest Service in 1965, The station is part of the Hiawatha National Forest and is leased to the Bay Mills-Brimley Historical Research Society.

The double residence is home to volunteers who work on restoration and give tours of the tower, museum and gift shop. The museum, tower and gift shop are open Memorial Day through October 15, seven days a week. Hours vary. Call 906-437-5272 for hours.

The station is located approximately 7-1/2 miles north of Brimley, Michigan, on 6 Mile Road (Lakeshore Drive), and well worth the trip.

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Photograph by John Meyland

Passing traffic- Earl Gene Beall

Location: Brimley, Michigan
Date Built: 1871
Active: No

Open to


The museum is open daily 9-5 May 15 through October 15.
Located in Hiawatha National Forest,  Lakeshore Road off Six Mile Road 906-437-5272

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