Trowbridge Island Light
By Dave Wobser

Trowbridge Island marks the north side of the entrance to Thunder Bay off Lake Superior. The small island is surrounded by rock cliffs and covered by pine trees. The red and white structures of the light station stand out against the green background.

A fog signal building is located near the shoreline on a concrete crib. A wooden stairway winds through the pines to the sturdy tower located on top the island. The white concrete tower is 37 feet high and is topped by a red 10-sided lantern room.

The original Second Order Fresnel lens is still in operation and the light is solar powered. The signal is a flashing white light every 5 seconds. The focal plane is 114 feet above Lake Superior.

The white, red-roofed, residence is located on the land side of the island and is connected to the fog signal building by a walkway.

The station is automated. The grounds are open to the public, but you must provide your own transportation to the island.


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Photographs by Dave Wobser

Historical Photos courtesy of the
Canadian Coast Guard

Location: On the small Trowbridge Island, marking the eastern approach to Thunder Bay.
Date Built: Year
Active: Yes

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