Superior South Breakwater
(Wisconsin Point)

Before the canal was completed across the Minnesota Peninsula, the Superior Entry was the mouth of the St. Louis River, and the only access to the twin ports of Duluth, Minnesota and Superior, Wisconsin. The entry was bracketed by Minnesota Point on the northwest and Wisconsin Point on the southeast.

The entry was first marked in 1856 by a light on Minnesota Point. Only the tower ruins remain from this light.

The present combination light station and fog signal building was erected on Wisconsin Point in 1913. The unique building is square with rounded ends. and measures 25 by 44 feet. The tower is a round concrete structure, 44 tall, and projects from the northeast corner of the building. The round lantern room has helical bar windows.

The original lens was a Fourth Order Fresnel manufactured by Sautter, Lemonnier, and Company of Paris in 1890. The lens has since been replaced by a modern beacon.

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Photograph by Steve Haverty

2011 & 2012 views - Nick Stenstrup


2012 View - Andrew Huxman

Location: Superior, Wisconsin
Date Built: 1913
Active: Yes

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