Bete Grise (Mendota) Light
By Dave Wobser

Located on Mendota Point near the southern tip of the Keewenaw Peninsula. Marking the south side of the entrance to Mendota Channel linking Lac La Belle to Lake Superior. The first light at Bete Grise was built in 1870, but discontinued in 1871.

In 1895, the present structure was built to replace the original wooden tower. The T-shaped brick dwelling with attached square yellow brick tower has been privately owned since 1960. No light appears in the 10-sided lantern room. The building has been carefully restored by the present owners.

The Coast Guard abandoned the facility when pierhead lights on the Mendota Canal went into service.

The lighthouse can be viewed and photographed from across the canal.

From the town of Delaware, take the road to Lac LaBelle. Turn left in Lac LaBelle to the town (?) of Bete Grise, then south around the lake to the end of the road. The lighthouse will appear across the canal.

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Photograph by Dave Wobser

2008 views by Jim Lindholm

Location: Delaware, Michigan
Date Built: 1895
Active: Yes

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