Copper Harbor Range Lights
By Dave Wobser

The original range lights were built in 1865, about two years after the construction of the present Copper Harbor Light. The range lights guide vessels through the narrow rocky passage into Copper Harbor.

The keeper of the original range lights lived in one of the buildings at the then-active Fort Wilkins.

The existing keeper's dwelling was built in 1869 with the rear range light shown from a window in the peak of the brown and yellow building. The keeper's dwelling is now used as a residence by rangers at the Fort Wilkins State Park.

The rear range light has been replaced by a skeletal steel tower built in 1964. The front steel tower was built in 1927.

Located just inside Copper Harbor State Park at the tip of Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula. The building is a private residence, but respectful visitors are permitted to take pictures on the grounds.

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Former Rear Range light and keepers dwelling
Photographs by Dave Wobser

Location: Copper Harbor, Michigan
Date Built: 1869, 1927, 1964
Active: No

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