Perry's Memorial Monument
By Dave Wobser

Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial, located on South Bass Island in Lake Erie. Although not officially a lighthouse, the monument is floodlighted at night and serves as a navigational aid. It is one of the more recognizable structures on the Lake Erie to captains and pleasure boaters. It is visible for more than 40 miles.

The Roman Doric granite column is 352 feet tall and was built in 1913 to commemorate the decisive naval victory of Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry over the British in the Battle of Lake Erie of the War of 1812 on September 10, 1813. The tower was dedicated on the 100th anniversary of the battle. The column is topped by a huge bronze urn and an observation deck for visitors. The tower is one of the tallest in the world of its kind.

The name was changed in 1972, from the original Perry Victory Monument, to recognize the continuing peace between the United States and Canada. The bodies of six American and British naval officers who died in the battle are buried in the base of the monument.

Visitors are welcome to take in the view from the top of the tower, which is located within walking distance of downtown Put-in-Bay, which is served by several ferry lines from Sandusky, Port Clinton and Marblehead, Ohio.


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Photograph by Don Coles

Location: South Bass Island, Ohio
Date Built: 1913
Active: Yes

Open to public:

Can be viewed by boat.
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