Forty Mile Point Light
By Dave Wobser

Located in Presque Isle County Park, six miles north of Rogers City, Michigan, on Lake Huron.

Put in service May 1, 1897 at a cost of $25,000. The white painted 53-foot tall, 12-foot square, white brick tower is attached to a red brick, 2-story duplex keeper's dwelling.

A Fourth Order Fresnel lens, still exhibits a white flashing light 66-feet above the level of Lake Huron.

The grounds contain a fog signal building, oil house and two brick privies.

One side of the duplex keeper’s dwelling is used as a residence for county employees and the other side has been renovated into a museum.

The surrounding park is also the home to the pilothouse from the first Calcite lake freighter.

The lighthouse and pilothouse are open to the public from Memorial Day through the second week in October, Tuesday thru Sunday, from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Visitors can climb the tower during the open hours. There is also  a nautical museum and gift shop.

The park is a nice place for a picnic and the beach is nice for wading and cooling off on a hot summer day.

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Photograph by Ron Texter

Location: Rogers City, Michigan
Date Built: 1897
Active: Yes

Open to


40 Mile Point Lighthouse Society
133 N. Third St. Rogers City, MI 49779 517-734-4029

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