Cheboygan River Front Range Light
By Dave Wobser

Located in Cheboygan, Michigan to guide vessels into the Cheboygan River from Lake Huron. Presently, the term front range appears to be a misnomer as a smaller front range light is located closed to Lake Huron, which would make this a “Middle Range Light”.

Completed in September, 1880 for $10,000, the rectangular 2-story frame 24' x 27' keeper's dwelling has an attached frame 9' square tower that is topped by a wooden lantern that exhibits a pair of locomotive type lights. A pair of bright orange stripes serve as a daymark.

The rear range light is a steel skeletal tower located in a parking lot several hundred feet between this light.

The building is located on the west bank of the Cheboygan River, on Water Street, north of US-23. Continue north on Water Street to visit the Cheboygan Crib Light in Gordon Turner Park.

In 2008, the structure came under the protection of the Great Lakes Lighthouse Keepers Association who are working on restoration. The building is open for tour most summer weekends.

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Photograph by Dave Wobser

Location: Cheboygan, Michigan
Date Built: 1880
Active: Yes

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