Christian Island Light
By David J. Maynard

Christian Island Lighthouse, located on Bar Point, at the Southern most tip of Christian Island (N 44 47 11.7 W 80 09 21.8) was officially the first lighthouse completed on Georgian Bay.

Finished in 1857 (though not officially lit until 1859) this impressive 55-foot limestone tower was one of only 6 “Imperial Towers” built along the Bruce Peninsula on the Western shores of the Bay. All 6 towers were built by Scottish stone mason John Brown under contract to Canada West.

Christian Island lighthouse was located on Bar Point to light the early trade routes between the ports of Collingwood, Owen Sound and the Military establishments at Penetanguishene. The lighthouse had a 5th order Fresnel lens housed inside an ornate copper and cast iron lantern room imported from France.

Decommissioned in 1922 after 65 years of service, the tower stood unattended and neglected for a number of years and in the 1940’s the lantern room was removed and cut up for scrap to support the war efforts in Europe.

The lighthouse was re-established as an automated aid to navigation in the 1960’s and has been partially restored with a new lantern room installed in the early 1990’s.

Huronia Lightstation Preservation Society has partnered with Beausoliel First Nation to undertake a full restoration of this lighthouse and its beautifully simplistic 1-˝ storey limestone 1857 keepers house.


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Photo by David J. Maynard

Location: Detail
Date Built: 1859
Active: Yes

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Access to Christian Island is by ferry from Cedar Point, Ontario.

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