Presque Isle Front & Rear Range Lights
By Dave Wobser

Congress appropriated $7,500 in March, 1869 for the construction of range lights into this important harbor and the project was completed the following year. These range lights are very similar to the Bailey’s Harbor Ranges on Lake Michigan and the Copper Harbor Ranges on Lake Superior. All were built the same year.

Presque Isle Harbor is the best harbor of refuge between Port Huron and the Straits of Mackinaw, and the range lights guide vessels into the shelter.

The Front Light was housed atop a simple octagonal wood frame structure some 15-feet tall. It had been relocated to the entrance to the Old Presque Isle Lighthouse museum, but recently was returned to Range Light Park near its original location.

The Rear Light was exhibited, some 36-feet above lake level, in a lantern room built atop the keeper's dwelling, 800 behind the Front Light. The ranges are similar to range lights erected at Bailey's Harbor, Wisconsin and Cooper Harbor, Michigan.

The Rear Light is now a private residence, but can be viewed from the road along the SW harbor shore. Modern front and rear range structures continue to be active on the property.

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Photograph by Ron Texter

Location: Presque Isle, Michigan
Date Built: 1870
Active: No

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