Wawatam Lighthouse

This classic lighthouse, fully operational and an official navigation aid, has a most unusual history. The lighthouse was originally located near Monroe, Michigan at an Michigan DOT Welcome Center along I-75.

When reconstruction in 2005 included demolishing the tower, it was saved by  the City of St. Ignace. Trucked north in five sections, the tower was reassembled at the dock formerly used by the ralroad car ferry Chief Wawatam, which used the dock from the 1911 through the mid-1980s.

First lit in 2006, the Fresnel lens can beseen for more than 13 miles out over Lake Huron and has been certified by the U.S. Coast Guard as an official aid to navigation for ships and snowmobilers.

From "Tip of the Mitt Planner- Summer 2015", Cheboygan Daily Tribune

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Janet Wobser - 2015

Location: Straight east of McCann Street in St. Ignace
Date Built: 2006
Active: Yes

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