Fourteen Foot Shoal Light
By Colt Edin and Dave Wobser

About 1.5 miles off the shore of Lake Huron near Cheboygan, Michigan, to mark a shoal near the entrance to the harbor. Fourteen Foot Shoal is one of two hazards to navigation in the South Channel between Bois Blanc Island and the Michigan mainland. The other is Poe Reef.

The station is a small one story building with a short, 15-foot cylindrical steel tower protruding from the center of the building.

Built in 1930, the original Fourth Order Fresnel lens has been replaced with a 250mm plastic lens, with a focal plane 55-feet above Lake Huron, in the 10-sided red-topped lantern room.

The Fourteen Foot Shoal Light was never designed to house a keeper. It was one of the earliest examples of off site control for a lighthouse. The diaphone fog signal was operated by radio control from the lighthouse at Poe Reef, 3.5 miles away.

Today the light remains an active Aid to Navigation. It is best viewed from the water but can also be seen from Cheboygan State Park.

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Photograph by Violet Bostwick

Location: Cheboygan, Michigan
Date Built: 1930
Active: Yes

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