Middle Island Lighthouse
By Dave Wobser and Colt Edin

Located on Middle Island, in Lake Huron. The island is about 10 miles north of Alpena, Michigan and four miles off the mainland. The light station is located on the east side of the island and cannot be seen from shore.

Middle Island was a major coastal light, located about half way between Thunder Bay Island to the south and Presque Isle to the north.

Built in 1905, the conical brick tower is painted white with a horizontal red band, black parapet and black lantern. The original Fourth Order Fresnel lens has been replaced by a modern solar-powered optic. The light remains an active aid to navigation.

The site includes a two-story duplex, brick, keepers dwelling, a brick fog signal building, a brick oil storage building, two brick privies and a wood shed/garage. There are also the ruins of a 1881 Lifesaving Station that once occupied the site. The dwelling features ornate architectural details around the windows and roof gables.

The station was abandoned by the Coast Guard a number of years ago and fell into disrepair. Recently, the Middle Island Lighthouse Keeper’s Association has begun the process of restoration of the site.

Public visits are scheduled during the annual Alpena Lighthouse Festival and at other times. The Association has a headquarters and gift shop just north of Alpena on US-23.

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Photographs by Dave Wobser

Location: Alpena, Michigan
Date Built: 1905
Active: Yes

Open to

Yes, scheduled dates or by appointment.
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