South Baymouth Range Lights
By Dave Wobser

The South Baymouth Ranges are active aids to navigation that guide vessel into the entrance to South Bay, located on the southwest side of Manitoulin Island. One of the major vessels utilizing the range lights is the ferry CHI-CHEEMAUN which operates between Tobermory on the Bruce Peninsula, and the town of South Baymouth on Manitoulin Island.

The front range light is a typical Canadian tapered, white wood frame structure, and is located on the rocky shore protected by a stone wall. The square building has a square red lantern and a long red vertical stripe on the front to serve as a day marker.

The rear range light is a similar structure that is 26-foot tall and located about 750 behind the front range.

The rear light sits in a grove of trees and is easy to miss. It also has a wide red vertical day mark stripe. The range lights are located in the picturesque village of South Baymouth, at the south end of Highway-6, on Manitoulin Island. While the towers are not open to the public, they are easily photographed.

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Photographs by Dave Wobser

Location: Manitoulin Island, Ontario
Date Built:
Active: Yes

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